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Security Log - Notifications to Prevent Hijacked Account

Many cases of fraud with Ads-ID account hacked lately more troubling. I personally do not know for sure if the number of cases of hacked account this is because there are loopholes in vbulletin or due to the negligence of its own members. But I think, if for example there is a gap in the forum, the first to be targeted for sure my account, the-kids, or p3durungan . Therefore I conclude hacking activity lately more likely on the client side (member) can key-logger or network spoofing. Whatever the cause this problem must not be tolerated. Any appeal to all members is not enough, however there are many members who access the forum from public computers such as Internet cafes, office or school. And of course very difficult to secure a public computer, we can not force members to scan your computer with the latest antivirus on campus for example. therefore I tried to make a breakthrough, hopefully with this new system can eliminate fraud with pirated account. From now on every time the member login, the system will send a notification email to the registered email address. This email contains a notice that someone has done a complete log with its IP. I hope, if you get this email but do not log in, immediately change the password and email forums. With so persons who gain access to the account you have very limited time to launch acts of fraud. To ensure that the email inbox is always up to your alias does not go to spam, please add to the contact email.

Security Tips
Use the password hard to guess.
Always use a different password on another website currently lists, especially the website in question its credibility. I personally have multiple passwords, one for forums, one for google / gmail, create servers, create a domain, affiliate account, and create a special 1-Abal Abal website lacks credibility. If hard to remember many passwords, simply add 1-2 letters of the main password.
Always scan your computer with the latest antivirus updates.
Do not forget to log out, especially in public places.
When you want to transact with other members, check first account. But avoid the transaction if different from the account given in the account verification badge. If suspicious please report immediately to the moderators or admins.

For the sake of common security may be a concern of all members. Salam success!
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